Endowment Index®

The Endowment Index® uses an objective, rules-based construction methodology based upon the portfolio allocations of over 700 educational institutions managing over $820 billion in total assets.  Each of the 22 sub-indexes that currently comprise the index are investable, and contained within those sub-indexes are over 47,000 underlying securities. The current target allocation is 32% Equity/57% Alternatives/8% Fixed Inc./3% Liquidity.

The Index represents the investable opportunity for managers of portfolios utilizing the Endowment Investment Philosophy® or otherwise incorporate alternative investments within a comprehensive asset allocation.  The index provides an objective tool used for portfolio comparison, investment analysis, and research and benchmarking by fiduciaries, trustees, portfolio managers, consultants and advisers to endowments, foundations, trusts, defined benefit/defined contribution plans, pension plans and individual investors.

ETF Model Solutions, LLC is the creator and owner of the Endowment Index. Nasdaq OMX is the calculation agent.


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SEC marketing rule (206(4)-1 places new requirements on the distribution of hypothetical performance on investment advisers. We will only provide Endowment Index performance information to advisors, institutional investors, family offices and accredited individuals. If you meet one of the above qualifications and would like to continue to receive Endowment Index performance information, please click the appropriate button below and complete the form. If you have any questions please contact Tim Landolt, Managing Director at (920) 785-6012 or email  [email protected].

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The Wisconsin Innovation Awards Finalist for 2015 was awarded on 8/13/2015 by Wisconsin Innovation Awards. No solicitation payment was made to the award sponsor to be nominated or to qualify for the award. Judging criteria for the award can be found at: http://www.wisconsininnovationawards.com .

The ETF.com Index of the Year Finalist for 2014 was awarded on 3/11/2015 by ETF.com. No solicitation payment was made to the award sponsor to be nominated or to qualify for the award. Judging criteria for the award can be found at: https://www.etf.com/sections/features/23918-nominations-open-for-2015-etfcom-awards.html .